Who We Are:

We are a philanthropic limited company which provides digital services to charitable and community organisations.

Our involvement is only as much as our clients require.  From providing a domain to providing complete startup and holding during registration, our objective it to minimise the constraints of soaring service costs by providing much of our service for free. 

We provide as much of our service as possible for free to help communities the best we can.  Our funding for this comes from donations and the profit from commercial clients.

Our Customers:

  • SaferOnline
    A charitable organisation giving free advice and resolutions to victims of, and potential victims of, cybercrime.
  • InCommunity
    A charitable organisation providing community technology buddies to less experienced users.  Also sourcing and reconditioning IT equipment for less fortunate families.
  • TidyVale
    A local charitable organisation keeping the Marston Vale litter free.
  • Other clients will be added here at their own request.